Macrina Newhouse has had the honor of mentoring:


  • a Red Dot Award-nominated designer
  • a Pulitzer Prize-winning editor
  • a world-renowned playwright
  • dozens of visual & conceptual artists
  • screenwriters
  • musicians
  • filmmakers
  • creatives of all types


How does it work?

Many artists describe their works as versions of children. Like a midwife, a creative mentor cannot create for the artist. Rather, she guides and informs throughout the process, allowing a project to completely emerge in its own time. While careful attention to the health of the artist and project alike are crucial.

What exactly do you do?

A Quick Pass is a good starting point.

Involves a review of recent work and discussion of immediate goals.

Assess and guide creative process, answer questions, develop strategies for progression. — $195


A Lifeline program includes all of the above plus weekly emails or calls (your choice).

One month of continuous coaching on a specific project, as outlined above. — $595

Do you ever mentor for free?

Yes, though my open project hours are very limited. Please note in your application that you're interested in free mentoring and describe why you think it's a great fit. While I read all applications thoroughly, I also strongly encourage you to apply for our fully scholarship-based Residency program.

How do you decide whom to accept?

Pretty simple: I accept applications to mentor when I feel there is a strong symbiosis between my skills, experience and insight, and your goals.

Great! How do I start?

Send me a Letter of Introduction that includes a bit of background on your artistic practice and goals. Include relevant work samples. I'll respond with my recommendations, and we can go from there.

I have another question!

Sure. Write me a quick email and let's chat!

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