Download the form below and follow the instructions. Please enter your information on the Residency page to receive updates and reminders. You may also contact us regarding your work.

Residency Application Fee


Due by May 1st 2019

Applications Dates

*Submit by 11:59:59 Eastern Time on final day

Early Applications:  Jan 15 - Feb 15


Open Applications:  Feb 16 - March 29


Late Applications:  March 30 - April 30

Administrative Fees

*All payments convert to USD

Early Applications:  30.00


Open Applications:  50.00


Late Applications:  60.00

Available Placements 2019

July 22 - July 31


August 4 - August 13


August 18 - August 27

Please note: We have ongoing construction of our facilities on the Mary Sky Residency Campus. Once completed we will have a brand-new studio and exhibition space for residents. Due to the construction schedule beginning in Spring, residencies in 2019 will be limited to three (instead of five) and dates are always subject to change. We thank you for your understanding!

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