A haven for Contemporary art in rural New England

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Artist Residency Program

The Mary Sky Artist Residency is a haven for artists looking to bring a serious attitude and productive mindset to meaningful work.


Hosted in a tiny cabin on 25 acres of woodland hillside overlooking the White River, we invite artists to discover the time to work, interact with nature and get quiet.


Imagination and drive are the key ingredients.

Pending: Applications 2021

Early Applications:  Jan 15 - Feb 19


Open Applications:  Feb 20 - March 25


Late Applications:  March 26 - April 30


Contact us regarding your work.



Residencies are ten days


Applications accepted January through May


The location is peaceful and isolated, adjacent to National Forest lands


Artists receive a living stipend and materials allowance


Emerging and digital artists encouraged to apply






Applications are due May 1st annually.


To apply, click the button above or navigate to "apply" in our Residency menu. Download the application. Submit your application fee.


Once you have completed your application, send it to artists@marysky.co with your full name and "Residency Application" included in the subject line.


If you have a project you think would be a good candidate for a Mary Sky Residency, contact us. For questions about the program, see our FAQ.






To challenge oneself in life is a path to challenging oneself in work.


If you are uncomfortable in a camping setting, this residency is probably not a good fit. To ensure you are informed and prepared for the rustic nature of this experience, please contact us with any questions.

“Amazing, rejuvenating, exciting, spiritual, wonderful!”


“I found the spiritually nourishing environment of the woods and the mindful detail with which the cabin has been constructed to be incredibly inspiring and grounding for diving deep into the project.”


 --Keren Moscovitch




“I had a really good experience!”


“Having time to work and the resulting satisfaction with completing a challenge and producing something. A sense of refreshment and accomplishment.”


“Consider how you feel being alone, if you are able to focus while isolated.”


 --Rosie Lockie




“It created good experiences to know myself better!”


“I found time to dive into my imaginary world.”


  --Mami Takahashi

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