December 7-10

Mary Sky's space at Satellite Art Show 2017 focuses on projects that exist in both physical and digital space. We find there's often an artificial line perceived between "digital art" and "fine art." This show celebrates artists who break down that barrier. Their works make use of digital tools and mediums, positioned within a fine art tradition. We've chosen two projects that demonstrate these qualities in concept and execution.

Procedural Paintings by Andrew Fenlon

"I use the computer and code to express my impressions of the world I see. Visual concepts like recursion and multiple perspectives are best demonstrated using the computer.

When constructing an image I start a with a color gradient, or series of gradients. From there I transform the initial gradient using my original, free open-source software. The methods include combining, recoloring, rotating, masking, adjoining, slicing and tiling the image.

Much of the process is refining the software to make the imagery it produces as dynamic as possible. As representation and language fade, a personal, even spiritual perspective emerges. In this free visual exploration, I work to create and discover unique, impactful imagery showing the relationship between the extremes of automation and humanity."

Try the Photoblaster webapp

Endless Strings by Andrew Fenlon, Brandon Winston & Sam Walker

Procedural Paintings is paired with Fenlon's own digital music. Endless Strings, a collaboration, is a 6,000 song classical music album. The songs themselves and the titles were generated by an original tailored algorithm. The album can be organized into categories for listening by choosing your desired mood, instrumentation or tempo.

Listen here

Porn Without Men by Josh Rigling

An ongoing series that removes images of women from pornography and redraws them to disinclude all male figures. Their poses range from grotesque to glorious. Emblazoned with rich colors, the illustrations emanate brightness, while repetition inherent in the series encourages a meditative effect.

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