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MARY SKY presents Mami TakahashiÕs Tsurezuregusa for Vermont

Japanese monk Yoshida KenkoÕs famous 13th century collection Tsurezuregusa, or Essays in Idleness, contemplates impermanence through observation of the natural world. 

In 2016, Mami TakahashiÕs Tsurezuregusa for Vermont seeks to develop a deeper understanding of her physical environment by incorporating local plants and flowers into natural, handmade papers created during her residency in Vermont.

Audio and visual representations of her collaborative poems, meditations on KenkoÕs ideas transmuted into the 21st century, project TakahashiÕs own experience of the American cultural landscape as a non-native English speaker.

Mami Takahashi is an artist and research scholar at the University of Oregon focusing on the conceptual understanding of Japanese aesthetics. Her recent work interrogates viewersÕ perspectives on American-ness and her art has been collected and exhibited internationally. 

*This event has passed.

Segment Installation of Tsurezuregusa in VT

Tsurezuregusa in VT

Day Four

Segment of Day One

Day Five

Tsurezuregusa in VT

Tsurezuregusa in VT (detail)

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